Lamberts bay is a stunning place to visit. It could be said that it truly represents everything the West Coast has to offer. This picturesque town is situated 280 km north of Cape Town. 

Follow the N1 to Clanwilliam where you turn west to reach Lamberts Bay. The activities range from 4x4 adventures through tanning on the beaches, fishing and crayfish diving in season, to savouring the enormous variety of bird life and Namaqualand Flowers in season. 

The town also has a rich cultural history as can be experienced at the Sandveld Museum and nearby local farms such as Wadrift. Lamberts Bay is also the home of the world famous Bird Island.

Here you will discover a very moderate climate, unspoilt beaches stretching for miles, succulent West Coast Lobster, exquisite fish dishes like Snoek, Galjoen, Harders, Cape Bream and lots more. 

Although primarily a fishing town it has become one of the major tourist attractions on the West Coast due to the moderate all year climate.

Eat Crayfish, Lobster, Snoek and numerous other seafood sorts at one of the many fish or a la carte restuarants. Tradtitional Sanveld food is also available. 

A vacation at Lamberts Bay is also not an imagecomplete without a dinner at one of the famous open air restaurants. Lamberts Bay being so centrally located on the West Coast is also the ideal accommodation base when visiting the surrounding towns such as Elands Bay, Doring Bay, Strandfontein and Clanwilliam.

Do not forget that these areas are the heart of Namaqua Daisy country and in season these pretty flowers turn the landscape into a colourful and magical paradise as can only be envisaged in a fairy tale.





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The world famous Bird Island is located in the heart of Lamberts Bay and can be reached by walking along the breakwater wall. 

The island has a well constructed lookout giving visitors the opportunity to view the multitudes of Cape Gannets and Seagulls at close proximity. 

View these magnificient giants of the deep up close and personal.

During whale season which is from July to October boat whale watching excursions are available where you can view these awesome animals in all their splendour. 

Sometimes they are so close to the shore that boat trips are not even necessary.

There is also no shortage of cultural sights in and around Lambert's Bay. 

From the Sandveld Museum and its ancient artifacts and cultural legacies to the San (bushmen) paintings in the rocks of the surrounding hills and mountains there is sufficient items of interest for young and old.

Being situated in the world famous Namaqualand Daisy area, Lambert's Bay comes alive during August each year. 

The beautifull flowers are the main attraction during this time and the valleys and hills are covered from top to bottom with almost every imaginable colour under the sun.

The Dunes is the ideal place for the motorised adventure enthusiast. Miles of snow white sand dunes create a unique playground for the whole family. 

Test you 4x4 driving skills on one of the most challenging sand routes in the country, surf the towering dunes on sand boards, or just explore the seemingly endless 250 hectares of valleys and hills on foot.

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